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Mark Webster came out on one of MV Magic's earliest trips and wrote this report. Click the image below to open the report in a new window.

Tony Sutton from Truro came out on Monday 15th July 2013

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"Magic Day"

Silky smooth run out to the Scylla wreck on board the 8.2m MV Magic - Peter's much-loved dive and charter boat.
"We could have company," said Alex pointing to two dive boats nosing out of one of the Barbican marinas.
"Not in this," Peter replied. "We'll be doing 20knots. We'll be there long before they arrive, if that's where they're going."
We never saw them again.
"The beauty with this boat is that we can get out quickly to dive somewhere like the Scylla, then maybe head-out to sea for a second dive on the Eddystone or Hand Deeps and lunch and then have a third dive on something like the Crown Jewels (the anemone-encrusted Breakwater Fort)," said Peter.
"It's magic!”
Well it certainly felt like a magical day: cloudless blue sky, flat sea, viz of around 6m (would have been better without the plankton) and good company: Peter who was the perfect host and skipper, Alan Tattersall, Mark Webster and Chris? Peter's colleague?
It's reassuring to see how much marine life has colonised the Scylla wreck. I remember diving on a couple of boats off southwest New Providence in the Bahamas that had been sunk as a diver attraction, like the Scylla and for about the same length of time, but unlike the Scylla they were almost completely barren. Boring.
The Scylla provides a stage for photographers to get their creative juices flowing. It's full of nooks and crannies, corridors and vertical faces covered by all types of marine life such as plumose anemones, dead man’s fingers, sponges and home to brightly coloured "reef" fish like the cuckoo wrasse or hunters, such as bass and pollack.
There was also much life on Hand Deeps - a rambling reef of ravines, drop offs, pinnacles out in the bay - which was our second dive site of the day. It had an abundance of jewel anemones, sponges, sea fans, dead man’s fingers and reef fish.
Living in Cornwall I love the reefs and underwater life there, but the Plymouth scene isn’t bad. There is so much to see and so little time to capture it well on camera.

Tony Sutton

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